You are a human being not a human doing. So "be!"

Hello Your Excellency! 



I go by Olajumoke, and my body is my cherished instrument. I take care of it by keeping fit and eating well, and I take pride in its many beautiful features. I don’t mind being referred to as God, just as Jesus, my brother, didn’t. I’m blessed with many gifts, including insight, passion, speed, and knowledge. I have a hunger for self-mastery, and I’m a reliable and wise confidante. I’m skilled at organizing people and programs, and I’m a natural encourager. I’m passionate about helping people achieve their dreams and seeing beyond their titles.

Work with me to gain:

  • The mindset of rewriting your own story
  • The tactics of ultra achievements
  • The science of re-centering you
  • How to deep dive and stay balanced
  • Accountability and consistency report
  • Daily diary and personalized affirmations
Why Work With Me

I help visionaries become.

Create a personal operating system

Live intentionally by defining your values, goals, habits, decision-making framework, and monitoring progress.

Live the life of your dreams

Define your vision, identify your values, set goals, take action, and cultivate a positive mindset.

Achieve Self-Mastery

Control your thoughts, emotions, and actions through self-awareness, goal-setting, positive habits, self-discipline, self-care, and learning from failure.


With purpose and satisfaction, knowing full well that all that concerns you operates in harmony and balance.

Far beyond all the books and courses....

Knowledge does not apply itself. Our actions are not governed by knowledge but by its usage, by precedents and habits. The value of information is in the application of the principles.

I will work with you and help you move from merely gathering loads of information to applying the data to yield transformational results in your life.

"I was finally able to take consistent action after years of learning. That’s what I loved about my sessions with Jumoke. It was not just acquiring more knowledge, but more of taking daily action. This was important to me because I understood that it takes action to activate the power in knowledge. I developed habits consistent with the person I wanted to be. I took small, meaningful steps towards my goals. Jumoke has this special ability of stirring you up to start or continue on your journey to the life you’ve envisioned… and if you are like me, when you want to give up or relax for some days, you’ll hear her voice in your head asking you if this is consistent with the person you want to be. 😭😭😭"
Yewande Murewa

The quality of your life will be determined by the quality of your self-mastery. Mastery is the ability to execute effortlessly without the use of conscious resources.  When you put your effort and energy into mastery, you won’t have to put so much energy into producing the results you desire!

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